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Aircraft weighing: Taking flight with confidence

The New United Goderich’s team in action

After watching all the Nugi’s team working on that, we can assume that weighing an aircraft isn’t something you can do at the drop of a hat.

To weigh a plane, specialized equipment and procedures are required. Here is some basic information about this process:

Position the plane on a weighing scale

The plane is positioned on a set of weighing scales designed for aircraft. 

In the New United Goderich case, there are no wires or cables. Instead, the team uses a standard aircraft scale, a top-of-jack, cell-based scale, where each jack point receives a cell-based transducer on the top of the jack. This system’s advantage is straightforward to use and level the aircraft during the weighing operation.

Scales are attached under the main landing gear, nose gear, and wing support points.

Teamwork in Aviation: Employee takes on essential role in aircraft weighing for safe and efficient flights

Level the aircraft and record the weight

The plane must be levelled during the weighing process. The weight is recorded after this action.

Adjust the weight and balance

If the center of gravity is outside of the allowable limits, adjustments may need to be made to the aircraft’s weight and balance.

It is important to note that weighing an aircraft is highly specialized and should only be performed by trained professionals using calibrated and proper equipment.