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Commercial Aviation Services

We understand the market pressures that commercial aircraft operators need to manage daily. Flight schedules must be maintained and aircraft must be utilized to their maximum potential. That is why New United Goderich has tailored affordable solutions for commercial aircraft operators.

We Mean Business

By providing aircraft paint, interior refurbishment, cockpit avionics upgrades, cabin management & connectivity solutions, as well as routine and heavy maintenance all at a single facility, we can complete multiple aspects of the project work scope simultaneously thus greatly minimizing downtime.

Take Flight, Together

If you need assistance with maintenance tracking, we offer full maintenance management solutions for high utilization aircraft. New United Goderich will integrate your existing maintenance tracking software into our processes and coordinate with operations in order to meet all of your aircraft maintenance requirements. That way we are able to schedule maintenance slots as necessary to address the appropriate maintenance items and remain up-to-date on the latest Airworthiness Directives & required Service Bulletins.

The New Business Class