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New United Goderich
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Aircraft Refurbishment

Aircraft Interior & Finishing

Our interiors can be as customized to our client’s needs. Our interior artisans will use stylish colour combinations, carpet styles, leather choices, wooden veneers and custom monument designs that will seamlessly flow through the cabin. Creating a distinct experience by any who board the aircraft. With New United Goderich, the entire cabin is customizable; we build custom seat designs, monuments, and shell kits. Our team will be your guide through the entire creative process. Only by fully collaborating with our clients and understanding their concept ideas can the resulting cabin look and feel the how a client always wanted.

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Aircraft Painting

Aircraft Painting Services was one of the first products New United Goderich provided to its clients when the company moved to its current facility at James T. Field Airport in Huron Park Ontario. A state-of-the-art climate controlled booth was constructed exclusively for priming and painting, guaranteeing that no outside contaminants affected the brilliance of the finished product. It needed to be large enough to accommodate any aircraft from a Cessna Beechcraft King Air to a Boeing 737. It also incorporated a downdraft exhaust system to ensure both safety and the highest regard for our environment was taken into account.

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Aircraft Upholstery

Our seat and cabin wall panel upholstery options can be completely customized. In fact, many of our designs are inspired by client visions. From basic refurbishment of the existing seat material to fully customized seat designs with customized leather seat upholstery, our skilled technicians can accommodate any request.

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Custom Aircraft Cabinets

Our aircraft cabinets are completed from scratch entirely in-house. Our experienced and versatile tradespeople are able to measure, cut, assemble, decorate and paint any custom designed galley or monument that our clients need. We can even take a client’s concept idea and build it to fit the existing aircraft floor plan.

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