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Bombardier LearJet 24F – Business Aircraft VIP Refurbishment

This Bombardier Learjet 24F was an exceptional project.

This particular aircraft had been in the client’s family for decades and they brought the family business into the jet age with its purchase. But it needed to have its luster renewed. After all, the Bombardier Lear 20 series originated a few decades ago.

Our Sales, Interior, Engineering and Paint staff recognized early on that this project was a labour of love and was treated as such. The client indicated to us that the aircraft required a complete interior refurbishment, exterior refinishing as well as a few custom modifications to the cabin to increase storage & comfort levels.

How We Did It…

Our Engineering and Interior staff were challenged to modify the interior of such a small aircraft in the manner that the client requested. The entry area of the aircraft around the potty was modified to accommodate additional space and functionality for the potty itself. However, the larger challenge was modifying the cockpit bulkhead cabinetry increase storage space and to stow the divider curtain out of sight. The client requested a custom cabinet design what was dubbed, “The Backpack” as seen installed in other Learjets. After taking some measurements and examining some photos our designers and engineers developed a design that fit perfectly, with minimal impact on the aircraft entry way.


All the pre-existing laminates in the aircraft were replaced with custom stained real wood Waterfall Bubinga patterned veneer. The cabinets, tables and monuments also had solid wood bullnoses incorporated into their design, which provided additional style to the interior.  The cabin was completely updated with Milkweed colour Ultraleather wrapped panels, LED lighting and pewter silver plating. The seats were completely refurbished with new foam, Cream colour leather and a custom diamond pattern stitching. Lastly, the carpet installed throughout the cabin was custom made per our clients request by one of our vendors.

All of the pre-existing cabinet laminates and monuments on the aircraft were completely stripped and refurbished with the following items:

  • Cabinets had custom stained real wood Waterfall Bubinga patterned veneer applied
  • All cabinets, tables and monuments had solid wood bullnoses incorporated into their design,
  • All cabin panels were wrapped in Milkweed colour Ultraleather
  • LED lighting and pewter silver plating. were installed throughout the cabin
  • Seats were refurbished with new foam, wrapped in Cream colour leather and had a custom diamond pattern stitching applied
  •  A custom carpet was installed throughout the cabin, to match the custom exterior paint scheme


The client created their own paint scheme, which was truly one of a kind. Taking advantage of a client visit to review project progress, our Paint department measured the distinct stripes on the base coat exactly to the client’s specifications before they began to apply them. The colour combination instantly grabs the attention of any curious onlooker.

When the delivery day came, both the client and the new owner came to inspect the aircraft. The aircraft was completed beyond their expectations. After departing our facility in Huron Park, Ontario and arriving back in the USA. The client and the new owner had a ceremony to officially hand off the Lear 24 to its new owner.

The finished product

 Make a Statement in the Skies