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Aircraft Upholstery

Custom Aircraft Upholstery

Our seat and cabin wall panel upholstery options can be completely customized. In fact, many of our designs are inspired by client visions. From basic refurbishment of the existing seat material to fully customized seat designs with customized leather seat upholstery, our skilled technicians can accommodate any request.

New United Goderich’s Interior Refurbishment Department’s inspection, upholstery and quality control processes are quite extensive. Seats are disassembled and inspected for damage. The client is consulted on their preferences as to how hard or soft seat cushions should feel and the foam is replaced. Next, the clients selected seat material is cut into their customized pattern and is carefully stitched to match the contours and intricacies of the seat foam perfectly.

The Method

To accentuate different color contrasts between the chosen material and the stitch threads, the stitching can be completed in different styles beyond a single stitch. Some of these include utilizing a double stitch, topstitch, or welting. The seats are then wrapped with the completed covers carefully fabricated from the chosen materials and secured to the seat frame. The seat is then fully assembled, checked for full functionality and reassessed by our Chief Inspector to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality.

Aircraft Wall and Window Panels

Aircraft Wall and Window Panels follow a similar process and are stripped down to their bare components and the underlying composite or plastic base is inspected for damage. Dents, deep scratches or holes are then repaired restoring them to their original condition. Panels can then be wrapped with the client’s desired material, be it ultra-leather, leather or fabric to name a few. As an option to provide a softer look and feel to the aircraft cabin, clients can request a thin layer of foam be attached to the cabin side of the panel before it is wrapped.

We can also prepare a carpet transition area along the bottom portion of the lower cabin sidewalls. The panel is then reassembled and installed around the monuments and vents in the cabin. The installations are then checked to ensure that all vents and gaspers are not impeded in their functionality and the entire installation process is then reassessed by our Chief Inspector for quality.


Our upholstery technicians can also provide many other personalized or branded attributes to your aircraft. These include but are not limited to custom handrail covers, divider curtains, storage pouches for loose accessories, seat back pockets, as well as embroidery or embossing of leather and other fabrics.

Make a Statement in the Skies