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Start-Up Airlines

From Start-Ups To Take Offs

From sourcing and purchasing aircraft to maintenance planning or developing a route network, starting a new airline can become quite challenging. New United Goderich has significant experience providing essential cost-effective maintenance, refurbishment, and modification services to operators that have the need to get off the ground as quickly as possible.

How We Help

It all begins with an in-depth discussion regarding the operational requirements, the aircraft of choice and intended fleet size. Then we will dive into the details, aircraft sourcing, aircraft paint schemes, avionics capabilities, passenger entertainment and connectivity options.

New United Goderich’s unique engineering and interior refurbishment capabilities provide our clients with options for cabin configuration changes and fabrication of additional custom cabin monuments. Clients can customize aspects of their aircraft cabin to provide their passengers with a truly unique flight experience.

From the Ground Up

We offer pre-purchase inspection support to identify the maintenance work scope required on each aircraft in order to meet the airline’s operational requirements. Upon arrival at our facility, our staff will launch the agreed upon work package including exterior paint, interior refurbishment & modifications, avionics upgrades, and connectivity installations.

New United Goderich has the advantage of providing all of these services at one facility, allowing us to complete each aircraft project in the quickest time possible.

Start-Ups Take Off Here.