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Technical Services

Engineering Support - The New United Goderich Way

We can provide the engineering resources to support any project mandated by a customer. We have the capabilities to provide:

  • Modification design, development and certification
  • Liaison engineering support with OEM’s and Vendors
  • Structural repair engineering
  • Interior design concepts
  • Avionics integration

We have the resources and tools to support any project within our capabilities.

Aircraft Manual Supplements

When an aircraft is modified in any way, the applicable aircraft manuals must be  amended with supplements. Our engineering team creates and publishes these supplements for these modifications. Even when we perform an interior refurbishment on an aircraft, our engineering team produces manual supplements that supersede the interior section of the existing aircraft maintenance manual. These supplements would not only indicate any changes in performance or payload on the aircraft. But also instructions on the installation, removal or any applicable emergency procedure updates for the new interior. Similarly, any upgrades to the avionics in the flight deck would require an operations supplement to describe the use of the newly installed systems and any adaptations to emergency procedures.

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