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Aircraft Painting

Aircraft Painting Services

Aircraft Painting Services was one of the first products New United Goderich provided to its clients when the company moved to its current facility at James T. Field Airport in Huron Park Ontario.

A state-of-the-art climate controlled booth was constructed exclusively for priming and painting, guaranteeing that no outside contaminants affected the brilliance of the finished product. It needed to be large enough to accommodate any aircraft from a King Air to a B737. It also incorporated a downdraft exhaust system to ensure both safety and the highest regard for our environment was taken into account.

Aircraft Paint Department

Our very knowledgeable paint department has over 20 years of experience painting many different models of aircraft. Like all of our departments, they take pride in the quality of their finished product and stand behind their work.

As detail oriented perfectionists, they firmly believe that if the quality does not meet their high standards, the aircraft will not leave the facility. Our Quality Department is involved in each step of the paint process to reduce the likelihood of repaints and blow-ins.

The Method

Using a customer supplied paint scheme or one inspired by client input, our accomplished paint technicians will use the aircraft as their canvas to create the ideal look that our clients envisioned. We use a wide variety of high-quality Sherman-Williams Aerospace and AkzoNobel paint products to bring your design to life. Our beautiful, elegant and creative design that will last for years, as all of our paint contracts include a standard one year limited warranty

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Make a Statement in the Skies