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Avionics technology in modern aircraft

New United Goderich has been keeping up with the new trends of aviation regulatory bodies worldwide that are now mandating more and more technological upgrades to aircraft systems.

As an experienced aircraft maintenance facility, Nugi’s avionics team has extensive experience and product knowledge with various manufacturers of avionics systems.

Avionics upgrades aren’t only prudent to comply with regulatory mandates, they can also improve aircraft capabilities


Aircraft avionics are modern aircraft electronic systems and devices to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency. 

1. Communication Systems: Communication systems are critical for ensuring the flight crew can communicate with air traffic controllers, ground personnel, and other aircraft. These systems include radios, intercoms, and transponders.

2. Navigation Systems: Navigation systems allow pilots to accurately determine the aircraft’s position, speed, and altitude. These systems include GPS, VOR, and INS. GPS is the most common navigation system used today and provides accurate position information to the flight crew.

3. Flight Management System: FMS plans and manages flight routes, monitors fuel consumption, and provides real-time information to the flight crew. These systems use software to optimize the flight plan and help pilots make informed decisions about the flight.

4. Weather Radar Systems: A weather radar system detects and tracks storms, turbulence, and other weather conditions that could affect the flight. These systems provide real-time information to the flight crew, allowing them to make informed decisions about the flight.

5. Flight Control Systems: Flight control systems control the aircraft’s movement and ensure that it remains stable during flight. These systems include autopilots, fly-by-wire systems, and electronic flight control systems.

6. Electronic Displays: Electronic displays present critical flight information to the crew. These include primary flight displays, engine indication and staff alerting systems, and electronic flight bags.

Aircraft avionics are essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of modern air travel. Each avionics type plays a crucial role in modern aircraft, from communication systems to electronic displays. We expect to see more advanced and sophisticated avionics in future aircraft as technology advances.


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