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Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast

Are you ADS-B (OUT) compliant?

We have the solution for you!

New United Goderich Inc. is now offering 3 different options to ensure all Embraer ERJ-135/145 aircrafts are compliant with the fast approaching FAA and EASA ADS-B (OUT) mandate. Our ADS-B (OUT) solution utilizes a streamlined, simple design to minimize installation aircraft downtime – the amendment requires no additional flight testing.

Our main goal is to make it as simple as possible for all our customers.

  1. STC rights to use for one aircraft serial number
  2. Supporting wiring diagrams
  3. Installation engineering orders
  4. Instructions for guidance through the Honeywell Primus II Upgrade process (Radio Management Units, Strap modules and Integrated Communication Modules)
  5. Technical support for installation and post install
  6. Installation kit, which includes all required wiring harnesses, mounting brackets and doublers for equipment. The kit will be delivered with a Form 1.
  7. FreeFlight Systems 1203C GPS Receiver and Antenna/Antenna Kit and hardware, with certification documentation.
  1. All items listed in the Basic Installation Kit option
  2. The modification/upgrade to the existing Honeywell Radio Management Units (RMU’s) and Integrated Communication Units (ICU’s)
  3. A new strap modules set
  1. Upgrade to two Honeywell Transponders to “Extended Squitter” to allow for more data transfer.
  2. Upgrade to two Honeywell Radio Management Units (RMU) to allow for ADS-B control, testing, and additional failure indications
  3. New strap modules for transponder – Defines configuration information that is unique to the aircraft.
  4. New FreeFlight GPS receiver and antenna – Used as a WAAS GPS position source for ADS-B, which meets TSO-C145c. This GPS position source is NOT a GPS position source for aircraft navigation.