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Cabin Management Systems & Connectivity

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Avionics Installation

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MEET Jenn Kelley

Project Planning Manager

MEET Jenn Kelley

Project Planning Manager

Jenn is our Project Planning Manager providing company-wide project planning and contract management. She collaborates with the Production Manager to coordinate the individual work scope and guide all project through the Production Schedule.

She is the key position in our Project Management Department, as all information flows through her. She works with all departments in order to ensure that a project runs smoothly from the initial quote through to completion.

Projects & Portfolio

Cessna Citation Excel – VIP Refurbishment

This Cessna Citation Excel received exterior and interior refurbishment.

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Bombardier CRJ200 VIP Conversion

After a detailed discussion with our client about their operational needs and their visual design concepts, New United Goderich designed a conversion to take an average regional airliner of 50 passengers and transform it into a luxurious custom VIP business jet for 15.

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Bombardier LearJet 24F

This Bombardier Learjet 24F project was a complete joy to do. This particular aircraft had been in the client’s family for decades and they brought the family business into the jet age with its purchase. But it was soon to find a new home and needed to have its luster renewed. After all, the Lear 20 series aircraft always flew like rockets through the air.

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European Aviation Agency
Agenci Nacional De Aviacao Civil
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